Our mobile efficiently manages all our contacts. With just one touch we can access not only your phone number but also other information such as your email or address. Sometimes deleting a contact becomes an odyssey, as it may be blocked and show the message “This contact is read only” Today we will see how to solve this error on any mobile with Android operating system.

In times past, we only had an agenda to save contacts on the SIM card. However, today, in addition to the SIM card, contacts can also be stored in the mobile memory, an external card, cloud services or applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger and others … This causes that sometimes third-party software may be preventing We can delete a specific contact. At this time the famous message “This contact is read only” will appear.

Because it happens?

The Android Contacts application can manage agendas that are shared in one place. This means that a contact, for example, “Pedro”, with a specific telephone number, is saved on the SIM card. An app like WhatsApp recognizes this and creates its own agenda, adding to Pedro. To avoid creating duplicate contacts, they are linked together, which causes the contact to be read-only in many cases and not allow us to delete it.

How to solve it

Frustration comes when we try to remove a read-only contact from the phonebook, since the message that it is not possible appears. This occurs precisely because the contact exists on several agendas and is linked to each other. The easiest method to eliminate the problem and regain control is through the Google Contacts application itself. The objective is to unlink our contacts from those apps or accounts that are causing the blocking, in order to proceed to delete them normally.

We open the Contacts application and select a contact. Then we open the context menu (the three dots) and click on “View linked contacts”. Then click on “Unlink “. Now we press again on the same contact and again on the menu of the three points. By clicking on “Delete” we should be able to remove the blocked contact. The only drawback is that if we want to delete several contacts, the process must be done manually, one by one.


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