There are certain circumstances in which we have to enter the Google Play settings and change our country. This means that the application bazaar will adapt to where we are and will show content that can vary greatly from one area of ​​the globe to another. Changing the country in Google Play has some advantages, but it can also have its drawbacks.

There are several scenarios in which we may need to change the country in Google Play. The most logical is that we move to another country. In that case, we will only have to change it in Google Play settings and enter a valid payment method for that country. That is, your credit card that you use in your country or charge for purchases on Google Play that you have associated with your mobile operator, may not be valid in the country of destination.

Download restricted apps

Other usual scenario by which users change the country of Google Play is to be able to access applications and games that are not available in their geographical area or country. That is, the newly released game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is only available (at the moment) in the USA and the United Kingdom. Therefore, changing the country in Google Play to one of these two will enable the download of this game, even if we are still in Spain. The same goes for other games or applications that are restricted to certain areas.

Several drawbacks

But the advantage of being able to skip these restrictions to download apps has some associated drawbacks, since the fact of changing countries is only intended for real change needs. In the first place you can only change the country once a year, so if you do the “trick” to download an app that is not available in your territory, you can reconfigure Google Play to your country of origin until after 365 days. The second major disadvantage is that when you change your country settings, the Google Play balance cannot be used accumulated and that yes it was available in the previous country, that is to say, that we will be able to lose money by the way. The good news is that the balance will remain linked to the old country, so if you return to that country, you can use it again.

As we see, the option may be useful at certain times, but it is only worth it if we use it for what was really intended. Google does not allow users to jump from country to country to download content that is not available in your area.


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