Xiaomi has prepared a most exciting end of the year. Beyond launching the hypothetical Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 we were talking about this morning, and of its first smart watch, the manufacturer is going to launch a new phone from the Mi Note range. He, for now, known as Xiaomi Mi Note 10, would have 5 rear cameras headed, neither more nor less, than a 108 MP sensor, turning the market upside down.

Com is usually usual at each launch of the brand, Xiaomi does not want to hide too much for the launch day and, in addition to advancing the design of the phone and its camera configuration, it now shows us the benefits of the implicit zoom technology in its aforementioned camera. As seen in the video, it is capable of magnifying the image 50 times by optical and digital stabilizer.

Of course, we talk about a zoom system that we must try first hand because it is evident that, since the mobile is housed on a tripod, the quality of the image made with the zoom to the maximum will be better than freehand, situation in which 99% of users will use the smartphone.

The small video shows cm from the camera app you can set the different zoom levels simply by pressing a button on the screen to reach the maximum level by sliding your finger to the right, as in most phones available in the market. As a result, the hybrid zoom of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 shows great quality in the small details thanks to the use of its 108 MP lens.

More surprises on November 5

In recent hours Xiaomi has also shown against the white variant of the next Mi CC9 Pro, as is known in the eastern country to the Mi Note 10, while advancing the design of the phone, with a fairly recognizable back curvature in the manufacturer’s high range. The design would also have what appears to be the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The smartphone is expected to mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor as well as a screen of more than 6 inches but it will not be until next week when we can confirm all its features, as well as its date of sale in Europe and, most importantly, its price.

That same day we will also know, apart from the mobile and the watch, the new SmartTV of the Chinese technology manufacturer.


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