Now that both Apple and Google have put the first beta versions of their next mobile operating systems in the hands of users, the first comparisons begin to emerge. There is no doubt that Apple has given a good face lift to iOS 13 and adds some features that we have already seen on Android . But are they a simple copy or has Apple improved them?

When an Android user chests on an iOS user, some features that Google’s operating system has long integrated and that Apple later incorporates tend to surface. However, those of Cupertino are never in a hurry to do the same as Android, although the iOS 13 beta reveals the addition of some functions that had been in the Google mobile operating system for some time.

Sign in With Apple

One of the ones that has attracted the most during the presentation of iOS 13 has been the so-called “Sign in With Apple” that allows you to log in applications safely and without sharing data from third parties. Google has long been able to log in with “Google” that is with a “Gmail” account. However, it seems that Apple wanted to go one step further than Android, by hiding the user’s email to all those third-party apps.

Apple Maps View

Apple Maps have been renewed in iOS 13 with superior quality and a street view option. It is a function similar to what we have been seeing for years with the “Street View” of Google Maps, including some improvements and extra information that does not include the Google app. In this sense Apple seems to have been inspired by Google worse by improving these aspects, since the company ensures that the resolution is much better and the streets will look more realistic.

Swype keyboard

Apple has shown as a great novelty that your keyboard can type through a sliding system on your keyboard. Basically it is the Swype function that we have been seeing on Android for nine years and that is no longer in fashion. There seems to be no notable improvement except for its mere integration.

Support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers

The new version of iOS is offering native support for Xbox One and PS4 console controllers via Bluetooth. This will improve the experience in many of the most current games. This function is available for Android for less time, since it was added in Android 9 Pie.

Siri will read with messages when using AirPods

In iOS 13, Apple’s virtual assistant will be more useful when the user wears the Airpods, since Siri will be able to read its contents. The downside is that it is a function strictly limited to AirPods, while Google Assistant can already do that for some time, being also compatible with several types of headphones and different brands.

Mouse stand

This function has been integrated into the new iPadOS operating system, which is an iOS adaptation specially designed for the Apple tablet. Now it has support to connect a mouse and to navigate the interface getting more for productivity tasks. This is something that has been available for Android for a long time.


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