It is not very common for a new smartphone to arrive on the market that is a really new bet, and we are not talking about a better processor or that a higher quality camera is included. What we mean is to look for new use options that make it different from the rest, and this is just what the Samsung Galaxy Fold offers that we have already tried.

This terminal clearly stands out for the use of a folding screen that makes it almost a hybrid between smartphones and tablets, but with a usability that is different and with the arrival of a new form factor that makes it have to be valued as something completely new and that is not comparable to 100% for the rest of the phones in the market. And this is very important, since you can quickly fall into temptation. The fact is that this terminal arrives with a Dynamic AMOLED 7.3-inch screen when it is open which does not lack a very high resolution (1536 x 2152 pixels). When the Samsung Galaxy Fold is closed there is a secondary that is completely manipulable that is 4.6 inches super AMOLED with HD resolution. It is clear that panels are not lacking.

Inside the phone there is a good hardware, which is crowned with a Snapdragon 855 processor and a RAM that amounts to 12 GB , a combination that ensures a solvent performance no matter how powerful the application is used and although the screen as we have indicated above be large. By the way, if you wonder about the battery, it must be said that the total charge that the Samsung integrated has is 4,380 mAh , in principle sufficient so that there are no autonomy problems and, in addition, it does not lack or wireless charging and fast.

Good amount on cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

We say this because there are no less than six sensors that are integrated into the device, with the aim that, regardless of the use given and the chosen format (open and closed), always include a front and a rear that allow a habitual usability for the user. Of course, it is important to comment that the rear and main consists of three elements: 12 + 12 + 16 megapixels.


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