The security of the iPhone is bad. So much so that professionals dedicated to exploiting iOS vulnerabilities are more compensated to switch back to Android given the high number of problems found in Apple’s operating system that has done nothing but attract more and more hackers to obtain «rewards ».

This is evidenced by Sofpedia, who reveals that the growing number of exploits discovered by researchers around the world reminds us once again that the perfect phone does not exist and that the mantra is always maintained by Apple fans that the iPhone is much safer than an Android mobile, has ceased to be true for a long time.

It is true that years ago the iPhone was considered an almost impregnable phone. The number of exploits targeting Apple devices was extremely small and every time new vulnerabilities or bugs were discovered that could be exploited, the American company immediately launched a patch that threw out the hopes of hackers.

Android … Safer than iOS?

This news comes just after Google warned of the biggest hack in the history of the iPhone.  Industry experts say that the remuneration of working on iPhone exploits has been significantly reduced in recent months and, for the first time, they are paid less than those destined for Android devices. According to a company dedicated to marketing exploits for both iOS and Android, “the avalanche of iPhone hacks that we are attending these days makes it more profitable to work to search for expolies and vulnerabilities in Android.”

The market attacks But Day is flooded after discovering the different failures present in Safari and in iMessage. As a result, a large number of security researchers have neglected their work on Android and have begun to focus their work on iOS full time.

In fact, the head of the company Zerodium says that currently the security of the iPhone is so bad that there are so many exploits in the hack market for Apple’s phone that they cannot do anything other than reject some of them.

At the level of figures today, since working on Android is more complex, a job to exploit the Google platform has a value of 2.5 million dollars, while an iPhone vulnerability falls below this figure.


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