The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is one of the bestselling phones of 2019. Its low price and sufficient benefits for most users, makes it a terminal frequently offered by operators, and the most demanded in portals such as Amazon. However, like any mobile, it is not free from possible failures. One of the most common has to do with the problem of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 with mobile data.

Being without mobile data is not a dish of good taste and more when we will be away from our Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, the user does not realize that he does not have data until he checks why it has been so long without receiving a notification or when he tries to surf the Internet. In Note 7 can be several causes, although in most cases there is usually a common denominator and that is a known problem in specialized forums.

Do you have Orange network?

This cheap Xiaomi mobile phone works well in many aspects, but it has a known problem with mobile data. Specifically with those operators that use the Orange. In order to solve the problem we must make a small change in the operator settings in the menu “SIM Cards and Mobile Networks”.

How to solve it

To do this and once inside this menu, click on the SIM card we are using or on which we have the data problem. Then click on Access Point Names (APN) and click on the arrow on the right to enter the APN configuration. Then we go down to the option says “Type of OMV”. Once inside we will have to select IMSI or SPN in case the first one does not work. Then we just have to click on the context menu at the top (the three dots) and click on “Save”. This option allows you to change the identification code through mobile phone networks.

If it still doesn’t work

If once you have completed the steps you still do not have mobile data, we must try to restart the mobile and activate / deactivate the mobile data. This way the data should be available and with 4G connectivity. This is the most common problem of Redmi Note 7, but we can always perform some basic checks such as checking that we have the data activated or that we are effectively in an area with good coverage.


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