Our mobile is a complicated machine full of hardware and software gears in which it is common for operating errors. Sometimes it is difficult to find the cause, but luckily the solution is usually within reach. Let’s see how to solve the error “Google Play Services has stopped”, which affects a large number of Android users daily.

Before continuing, we must stop to understand what Google Play Services is. It is an Android tool used to update Google applications and Google Play applications. This component provides essential functions, such as Google service authentication, contact synchronization, access to the latest complete user privacy settings and location-based services.

The dreaded error message

Google Play Services also improves interaction with applications, accelerating offline searches and improving gaming experiences. It is very likely that if you uninstall by mistake or corrupt any of your files, some applications may not work properly and the dreaded message that gives meaning to this article appears. The “Google Play Services has stopped” pop-up window may appear when we are interacting with an app, or spontaneously, since Android may be performing some background task that requires Play Services and generates the error.

The solution

Google makes it clear in its official forums, and offers a solution that works in a wide majority of cases. This solution involves uninstalling updates from Google Play Services. For this we go to the Settings / Applications menu and look for Google Play Services, or Google Play Services. Once inside we must touch in the contextual menu (three vertical dots) in the upper right. Then we just have to click on “Uninstall updates”

The next step is to return to the applications menu and search for Google Play. We perform the same action by clicking on the context menu of the three points, and click on “Uninstall updates”. Now you just have to restart the phone. The message Google Play Services has stopped should stop appearing. Now we just have to open a Google app like Google Maps. The message “Google Play services are outdated” is very likely. We will simply have to accept to be updated again and have the problem solved.


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