Our smartphone is a sophisticated machine and full of technology that is governed by the baton of the operating system. The open source DNA of Android makes it possible for users to change many aspects of the device’s internal operation and that affect its overall performance. Many of these options are found in the “Developer options” menu

Its name is not casual, since it is a series of options for app developers. By modifying many of the parameters found within this menu, you can check various factors and the behavior of your software developments. However, it is already a classic for users to change some aspects of the Developer Options. These options are disabled by default, that is, they are not visible in the first instance since the menu is hidden.

How to access the menu

To activate it, we will have to go to the settings menu of our phone and click on “About the device” or “Phone information”. Once inside we will have to go down to the option “Build number” and press seven times in a row on this option. We are likely to be asked for the PIN or Pattern to activate these developer options. Depending on a mobile or other, the version of Android that we have, as well as the layer of customization of our manufacturer, we can find more or less options within this menu.

What can we do?

Once within the Developer Options we can modify innumerable parameters of the operation of our mobile, whether at the level of graphics, security, and connectivity or user experience. We can make a little powerful mobile speed up its performance by deactivating Android animations, make applications do not work in the background to save battery or activate a mode for left-handed people. The options are varied and affect many aspects of the overall operation of the system, so before modifying any parameter, we recommend you to be sure of its involvement. However, all the options in the developer menu are reversible, so if you touch something and things are not going well, just leave the option as it was initially.


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