The LG Q60 is one of the most interesting phones of the Korean firm. The terminal can be purchased for just over 140 euros, and offers interesting features including a triple camera, being one of the cheapest phones in this regard. This terminal is intended for a young audience, who spend much of their time playing or watching multimedia content, so it is very common for overheating problems to occur.

There are many reasons that can cause the mobile to overheat. Recall that the LG Q60 has a MediaTek Helio P22 eight-core chip with 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. There are several moments when we can notice an excess of heat coming from the back of the mobile, however, in most cases they have a logical explanation and a simple solution.

Frequent reasons

The temperature increase can occur on a large majority of occasions when the terminal is charging and we continue to use it in high-demand tasks for the processor. In these cases, if the battery temperature rises above a certain level, the device is likely to stop charging. For everything to return to normal we must disconnect the charger from the device and close the applications that are in process. Then we must let the device cool down before reloading the device or running an application.

Connected to the power

If the problem occurs when we are using the device without being connected to the power, we must try to perform some actions to check if the problem is solved. It is very likely that if we play high-end games technical requirement or record videos for a long time it is possible that the device overheats more easily. When this occurs, a warning message may appear indicating that an automatic shutdown will be performed. Before that happens we can do the following, as soon as we notice that the temperature begins to be abnormally high.

  • Close the functions or applications that are running and let the device cool down.
  • Check that we have the software to the latest version.
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS functions while not in use
  • Close unused applications
  • Decrease screen brightness whenever possible.
  • Check and remove those suspicious apps that may be a cause of warming (unknown games, third-party apps …)

Security mode

If our LG Q60 is experiencing an overheating problem, it is possible that there are limitations of use, which are completely normal as a means of system security. In this way it is possible that some functions, applications or even the device itself will be disconnected. In addition, if the temperature of the device rises above a certain level, a warning message will appear. Similarly, both screen brightness and operating speed may be limited.


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