Amazon has launched a new line of Echo devices that allow Alexa to offer us more possibilities, facilities and be present throughout our home.

The Echo smart speaker is renewed to improve its design and sound. The little one of the family also catches up, we talk about the Echo Dot which now includes an LED screen that shows the time, the outside temperature, timers and. Echo Flex is born that improves the ability to integrate at home. And finally, the Echo Studio is born a team equipped with five directional speakers and an integrated digital home.

A completely new Echo

The new generation of the Echo speaker features an updated fabric design with several color options that adapt to any style. You can choose between indigo, anthracite, dark gray and light gray.

In addition, one of its great novelties is its sound quality. The new Echo features the same audio construction as the Echo Plus, including a 76mm woofer and an increase in volume at the back for stronger bass and sharper treble.

Echo Flex

Echo Flex is the most affordable way to add Alexa to any space in your home. It connects directly to a standard power input, so it is perfect for those corners where having loose wires can be a problem, such as the hallway, the garage or the bathroom.

Just ask Alexa to control compatible smart home devices, send an ad or check your favorite team’s score. She will send you the answers through the small speaker of the device optimized to reproduce her voice.

Echo Flex has an integrated USB port from which you can charge your phone or add another accessory, such as a smart night light or a motion sensor, all from a single place.

Echo Dot gives you the time

The small Echo Dot is also renewed in style to dress in mauve, anthracite, dark gray and light gray but, in addition, comes a new model that comes with a built-in watch.

It has a simple and bright LED screen that makes it the best complement for the bedside table or countertop. The LED screen automatically adjusts according to the brightness of the room so you can easily check the time, ask what the outside temperature is, and set an alarm in the morning or a timer for cooking. In addition, you can touch the top of the device to postpone the alarm.

Echo Studio

Thanks to its five integrated directional speakers, Echo Studio is designed to create a clear and nuanced high-quality sound that enhances space. The bass port at the bottom maximizes airflow and bass, which allows your woofer 133 mm, with a maximum power of 330 V, reproduce powerful bass and nuances. Echo Studio features a 25mm tweeter and three 50mm mid-range speakers for sound with dynamic midrange and crisp treble.

In addition, it has a 24-bit DAC and an amplifier with 100 kHz band for high-fidelity and lossless music playback. As if that were not enough, Echo Studio automatically recognizes the acoustics of the space in which it is located and adjusts the audio reproduction to provide optimum sound, no matter where it is.

Echo Studio is the first smart speaker that provides a three-dimensional (3D) and immersive audio experience thanks to Sony Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio.

New Alexa features

Taking advantage of the presentation of the new models of Echo Amazon has announced the new features of Alexa. It will include, for example, the whisper mode that allows you to give personalized information without disturbing other people nearby. It will also offer two new features that will make the reason for your answers more transparent. The user can ask ‘Alexa, tell me what you understand’ and Alexa will read his last voice command. You may also ask why you have done that. So that Alexa briefly explains why he responded to the last request. This feature will be available later this year.

Automatic deletion of voice recordings

At the beginning of the year Amazon introduced the possibility for users to say ‘Alexa, delete everything I said today’ or ‘Alexa, delete what I just said.’

At the end of this year Amazon will take another step, much in demand, with automatic removal. Automatic deletion of voice recordings and transcriptions of more than 3 or 18 months can be carried out continuously. This function can be combined with the possibility, already available, to access and delete what has been said to Alexa individually, command to command or all at once.


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