It is increasingly common for users who have an Android terminal to always have an application installed that allows them to be connected to the Internet without limitations from anywhere. One of which is recommended is VPN Master, of which we tell what it offers and its options for use. 

This development has a functioning that does not differ from what these types of developments offer today, but unlike others it only aims to be able to access the Internet with an intermediate gateway (server) so that the actual location you have does not It can be detected … and there are no more integrated options, something that is now increasingly stylized. This, which may seem like a handicap is not so much, since it has as a positive part that simplicity is really great when using this software.

The case is that the interface is perfectly designed since there is a large button at the top to start the connection process and, once it is switched to the color of the circle that is displayed, you can start browsing incognito which avoids restrictions when it comes to accessing social networks and even establishing the country of origin as where it is – although holidays are spent in Russia and, therefore, services such as Netflix do not vary in the base of data offered to the user. In this section, we have to say that VPN Master perfectly fulfills its function as a very intuitive signature.

In what has to do with the requirements of the software we are talking about, these are not demanding at all, so the compatibility in the application is really high. Thus, for example, in quad-core terminals and two gigabytes of RAM, the operation is perfect. We have not detected any delay due to the execution of VPN Master in the background. In addition, there are no malfunctions, since there has been no “hang” by using it for short or long periods of time, regardless of the Android version used.

Simplicity of use when running VPN Master

The truth is that we have not found anything that makes us doubt how we work with this development. It is very simple: click on the upper right of the circular icon to choose the country from which it will be simulated to be) the list, without being tremendous, is wide enough) and, once this is done, you return to the page principal. Now, you just have to press the button in the upper area and wait for it to pass blue to confirm that everything is working correctly and is connected. By the way, in the notification bar you see an element that always indicates whether VPN Master is working or not.

The application has a side menu that, the truth is that it does not offer great functions, but it is worth it to appear around. In what has to do with the performance of the Internet connection, as with all developments of this type there is a slowdown … that is obvious but does not become dramatic. Of course, in the paid version of VPN Master, this is optimized quite clearly.

Get VPN Master right now

If all that we have indicated you think is worthwhile and you want to try it, good news is that VPN Master can be obtained for free, so this increases its appeal. It is possible to download this development from the Galaxy Store as in the Play Store, and the installation process is usual for the Android operating system. The truth is that it is not a bad solution for those who travel regularly.


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